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Saturday 18 June | Portland Place, London | Assemble from 10.30am | March departs 12pm | Rally 1pm

Something has to change. The cost of living is rising, NHS workers who have endured a pandemic are faced with insulting offers on pay, and bosses are attacking conditions in the workplace. The BDA Trade Union will be joining fellow workers on a march in London on Saturday 18 June to state that is enough is enough and we demand better. The Trade Union movement draws strength from its membership. That is why it is vital that we get as many people as possible from all walks of life to band together and march as one.

We demand...

  • A real pay rise for every worker – and a real living wage for all
  • Respect and security for all workers - ban zero hours contracts, ban fire and rehire, decent sick pay now
  • End racism at work
  • Tax energy profits to pay our bills
  • Raise universal credit
  • Boost union bargaining rights now

How to get there?

Transport arrangements from across England and Wales may be found on the TUC website

If you’re interested in making your voice heard get in touch and check out We Demand Better.