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Miss Susan Burry

RD, MSc (Obesity) and MBA, eWFPB
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NutritionU Ltd
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St Helier, London, Jersey
Profile for Miss Susan Burry
Susan is a qualified Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant for the past a 20 years. Her career has encompassed food service, nutrition counseling, research, lecturing and public health. She studied Dietetics in 1992, from the Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John’s, Canada. She started her Dietetic career at the General Hospital in the same city. After 20 years of working in the food service industry, she started her private practice in St. John’s. After moving to London, Susan specialised in the treatment of Obesity at the University of Roehampton, London, UK with completing her Masters. Susan has a keen interest in weight loss management with a track record of success stories in the both the private and public medical sectors. To compliment her private work on Harley St.  Susan also works in Public Health managing a Obesity Contract in central London.

Throughout her career she has worked in hospitals, schools and her own private practice offering tailored nutritional education to patients, clients and students.

As part of her ongoing development, Susan has researched vegetarian diets and is the Nutrition Consultant for the Vegetarian Society.  This work includes answering enquiries for their members and developing evidence based nutrition education tools. Her research on the diagnosis and treatment approach to poly-cystic ovarian syndrome at the University or Roehampton has just been published. Nutrition Genomics testing is just been added to her services.

Susan is a member of the Health and Care Professionals Council, British Dietetics Association, and the Freelance Dietitian Group. Her services are covered my most Private Insurance Policies.

Susan counsels and gives nutritional advice and support to patients wishing to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle.  Her nutritional advice is both practical and tailored to each patient to ensure healthy and long-term weight loss.  Susan genuinely cares for her clients short and long term success by offering not only face to face consultations but also constant remote access.

Latest initiative is corporate wellness as part of the BDA Workplace and Whole Foods PLant based eCertificate.