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Susan Acreman

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SA Nutrition Consulting
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CASTLEVIEW, Caerphilly, Wales
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Hello, I am a HCPC registered Dietitian, a Fellow of the British Dietetic Association. and a member of the Association`s specialist oncology group.

I have 48 years experience helping people manage their illnesses and conditions by changing their diet and lifestyle. my specialist clinical interest is cancer (oncology)

Having supported and cared for many people in health and illness for these 48  years in the NHS in South Wales, I truly understand the daily struggles and challenges they face to improve their health and well-being – and feel supported during their difficult journey.

I know that people with cancer may find their diet affected and I can help them eat well and feel better with dietary changes,  People with cancer need and want  to know how their food and diet can help them during their illness.

I can help you with your nutrition and dietary challenges by :

Helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle while living with your cancer.

Guiding you through the maze of information about diet and health during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment .

Providing personalised advice for people with cancer, Many cancer symptoms can be managed with simple dietary changes.

Helping you  to consider the benefits and pitfalls of all the information. myths and confusion found on media about nutrition,  diet and cancer.

Help you make dietary changes if you have gained weight for whatever reason. My advice will help you realise sensible and sustainable weight loss.

If you find that you have lost weight I can help you minimise further weight loss and promote weight gain.

email me on acremansue@gmail.com

phone me on 07874835867 or 07855054737

I am registered with Axa, Aviva and Vitalty health insurance and am awaiting registration wroth BUPA and ATENA