The Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet - but it is not the only way to eat healthily

Registered Dietitian Tai Ibitoye looks at the Mediterranean diet and whether traditional diets can provide similar health benefits.

Top six diet trends of 2022

With the ever-growing list of diets advertised, are there any that actually help to improve overall health and wellbeing? Reema Patel looks at some of the most popular diet trends for 2022.

Following a plant-based diet whilst having IBS

Many people are trying to follow a plant-based diet or increase their intake of plant-based foods for health, ethical or sustainability reasons. But can you do this if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Community Dietitian Chloe Hall, who has a special interest in Gastroenterology, explores the issue.

The social normality of alcohol consumption in students - and how we can help

Dietetic student Kyle Kennedy discusses binge drinking among students, how alcohol affects the body and how to spot the signs of alcohol misuse.

What are the difficulties for autistic children at mealtimes?

Registered Dietitian Hannah Whittaker discusses some of the common difficulties parents and carers of autistic children report around mealtimes - and some of the techniques to reduce anxiety.

Sport and exercise during Ramadan

Registered Dietitian and SENR board member Nusrat Kausar discusses fasting and what impact it may have on those who exercise and train whilst observing Ramadan.

Ramadan and eating disorders

Registered Dietitian Fareeha Jay discusses how fasting during Ramadan can affect those with eating disorders.

Ramadan and diet

As the start of Ramadan approaches, Registered Dietitian Carolina Frascina shares information about what Ramadan is, and how Dietitians can support their patients and colleagues during this holy month.

Emotional eating and our relationship with food

BDA Obesity Specialist Group Chair Amanda Avery discusses emotional eating and shares alternative ways to cope with cravings.

Tired of Diets? Use ‘Intuitive Eating’ to break free from food rules

Intuitive Eating is a powerful framework incorporating psychology, mindfulness and nutrition counselling to support you to feel empowered in your food choices, at peace with your body and ditch dieting - for good.

Dietary DNA tests: how they work, and what they’re useful for

Why dietary DNA testing is useful, how it can be incorporated into standard dietetic advice, and who can benefit. 

Scan, swipe and swap! NHS Food Scanner App at hand for healthier choices

Read about a Dietitian's involvement in the NHS Better Health's new NHS Food Scanner app.

Dietetics as a second career

In her thirties, Anna Costain decided that a marketing career wasn't for her and took the plunge to study dietetics. In this blog she explains what it's like to take on dietetics at a later stage in life.

Plant-based eating – redefined

Dr Megan Rossi explains how shifting your diet to include more plants can improve your health, as her new book, Eat More, Live Well, is published next week.

The importance of listening and hope to develop consensus for dietary strategies

Dietary strategies to help achieve remission in type 2 diabetes.

2021 Research Symposium showcases new dietetic research

Dietitians, dietetic students and researchers showcased their research through 11 different streams at the 2021 Research Symposium, with 60 abstracts being presented throughout the day.

BDA 2020/21 award winners announced

BDA members' successes and achievements were celebrated at the 2020/21 BDA Virtual Awards.

Healthy Eating for African and Caribbean Individuals

Eating well doesn’t mean you have to give up on your cultural or favourite foods - it is about enjoying these in moderation and as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Cancer Diets: Myths and More

A guide to understanding different cancer diets and how to know if you are making the right or wrong changes.

Constantly repeating yourself? Don’t let reflux disease give you the run around

Lets talk diet, what should and shouldn’t we be eating and what can we do to prevent acid reflux episodes.

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