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Monika Bettney

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MB Dietetics
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London, England
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Hi, I'm Monika Bettney, a specialist Women's Health Dietitian and the founder of MB Dietetics. I specialise in PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhoea (loss of periods) and the related complaints, such as fertility concerns, anxiety around food, digestive issues and difficulties with achieving & maintaining a healthy weight.

My mission is to empower women to make positive changes to improve their symptoms and optimise their health through tailored nutritional and lifestyle changes. My approach is always evidence-based. I keep up to date with research in the field of women's health and use this knowledge in my daily practice. 

I offer both one-off appointments and personalised programmes. During the initial appointment, I will conduct a thorough assessment. To get a full picture of your health, we will go beyond diet and symptoms to look at your medical history, blood results, lifestyle and environment. This information will help us understand the root cause of your health concerns and develop a plan to address them, which will be detailed in your initial report. The follow up appointments are for reviewing your progress, unpicking any difficulties and agreeing on what you will be working on next. After each follow up appointment, you will receive a written report of the goals we have discussed so that you can continue making progress in between our sessions. For more information on the programmes available, please contact me via my website.

I have a Master's in Dietetics and a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition.
 Over the ten years working in the NHS and the private practice, I have gained knowledge in a broad spectrum of conditions. When I see a client for the management of PCOS or lost/irregular periods, I will make sure that my advice does not go against their other conditions, i.e. IBS, disordered eating or food intolerances. I have extensive experience working with women who have had disordered eating and my aim is to support women develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

I have been running a virtual clinic since 2019, prior to this my private practice was based at Lycahealth, Canary Wharf. I use professional technology, so the audio and video are very high quality (similar to what you see in my youtube videos).I work with clients who have healthcare insurance and also those who are self-funding.

 For more information please visit my website where you cal also book a free introductory call.