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The implementation of The Model and Process for Nutrition and Dietetic Practice (abbreviated to ‘Model and Process’) by the dietetic workforce is crucial as it supports consistent, high quality practice with the service user at the centre of any intervention.

The purpose of the Model and Process is to describe, through the six steps, the consistent process dietitians follow in any intervention; with individuals, groups or populations, in clinical settings, public health or health promotion. It articulates the specific skills, knowledge and attributes that dietitians deploy, and the environmental factors that influence the practice of dietetics.

Watch our webinar providing an overview of the latest updates to the Model and Process, which includes new information and guidance regarding the application of dietetic outcome measures in clinical practice. This exciting development aims to support the dietetic workforce and students to introduce routine reporting of dietetic outcomes to their practice to highlight the unique value and effectiveness that dietetic interventions can have for individuals, groups and the wider systems within health and social care.


Are you struggling to make sense of PASS statements?

You’re not alone - this seems to be the stumbling block for many of our members when trying to follow the Model and Process.

It’s such an important starting point when collecting data on the outcome of your dietetic interventions, so understanding how to write a PASS statement is key.

We invite all registered dietitians working in all areas who are using or starting to use the BDA Model and Process but are struggling to make sense of PASS statements.  Writing an effective PASS statement is a key part of the Model and Process and facilitates the capture of outcome of dietetic interventions.

What this webinar will cover?

  • To understand how to write a PASS statement
  • To understand why  PASS statements are a key part of the BDA Model and Process
  • To understand how to effectively use the BDA Model and Process to capture Dietetic Outcomes

There is currently an introductory module to the Model and Process available on the BDA Learning zone. If you are a BDA member, please click here for access information. If you are a dietetic student, please speak to your course leader for access information. Over the next few months, we will be adding further modules for each of the six Model and Process steps.

Supporting Resources

  • The Outcomes Framework follows the steps of the Model and Process and can be downloaded and used by individuals and departments as a tool to collect and collate outcome data.
  • Standardised Language (click the Terminology tab) ensures the consistent approach to the collection of data for the steps of the Model and Process.
  • An Audit Checklist to support the collection of relevant information related to the Model and Process.
  • The Electronic Model and Process Data Collection Template is an example of how you can embed Model and Process data collection into electronic notes.