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The dietetic degree apprenticeship is a route that will allow an individual to work as an apprentice in a dietetic setting with an income, as well as study at university to complete a dietetic degree programme.

All apprentices are employed by an employer; they are not learners. Apprentices are recruited by employers in close consultation with HEIs and will have a combination of lectures, practical learning and assessments at their university, as well as 1,000 hours of practice-based learning. Successful completion of the apprenticeship programme will enable application to the Health and Care Professions Council for registration to practise using the protected title ‘Dietitian’.

How do I become a Dietetic Apprentice?

Coventry University began delivery of the first ever level 7 dietetic apprenticeship programme in December 2022.

Find out more about the course here and get contact details for the course provider on the GOV.UK website here

Other dietetic apprenticeships at undergraduate and post graduate levels are in development and the BDA webpage will be updated as soon as more information on these apprenticeship schemes becomes available.

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