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The BDA Board of Directors are made up of BDA members (just like you!) and non-members who are appointed to provide strategic leadership of the BDA.

They agree major policy, manage the Association’s finances and represent the total membership. The Board also includes representatives from Dietetic Support Workers and Students. 

The Board consists of at least 12 Directors, including a Chair, a Treasurer and members from across all four UK countries. The Chair must be a member of the Association. Up to one third of the Board can be appointed from outside the profession.

All Directors must fulfil their obligations under the Companies Act and ensure the company meets its statutory and other obligations. The Directors will also lead the strategic direction for the company and the office of nearly 40 staff.

"Being on BDA Board of Directors is a really inspiring and interesting place to be! I am passionate about promoting the profession and being part of the decision making for the profession. Being on the Board of Directors has given me many opportunities to do this. I would encourage anyone who is interested in furthering our profession to get involved." Caroline Bovey BDA Honorary Chair  

The BDA Board of Directors leads the profession and, more importantly, has strategic oversight of the company. Following a major governance review in 2018, Directors are appointed against a skills audit and against an agreed set of criteria and competencies.

There is a Selection Committee which interviews candidates and makes recommendations to the Board on Director appointments.

"Having the opportunity of being a company director enabled me to immerse myself in the BDA company, its financial planning and propose meaningful strategies for the dietetic profession. It also allows you to widen your national network at the same time and get to know the BDA staff employees better. Give it a go!"  Michele Rae FBDA, Professional Lead and Clinical Services Manager Dietetics, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

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