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Mrs Angeline Taylor

BSc Dietetics
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Exeter, Devon, England
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Welcome to 'My Nourishment, with Angeline Taylor', a virtual private practice offering individual nutrition consultations.  I'm Angeline, a Registered Dietitian, with a Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and over 12 years experience as a practicing dietitian, both within private practice and for the NHS.

​I trained as a Dietitian because of my interest and love of nutrition and it's impact on wellbeing and health.  Being a Dietitian has allowed me to combine my love of working with people, my passion for food and the wonderful science of nutrition and health. 

Working in both private practice and as a Specialist NHS Dietitian, I am able advise on several nutritional topics, to include kidney nutrition, IBS, the low FODMAP diet and plant-based nutrition, heart health, bone health and hormonal health. For more information about the nutritional areas I can advise on please see my website and nutritional expertise.